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Women at times crave the company of other women. We just do.
We see this in scripture as Mary travels to Elizabeth and Ruth refuses to travel without Naomi.
Rosa Stein eventually followed Edith into the Carmel and there is a photo of them standing very close in the garden. This seems to parallel for me my favorite photo of my Grandmother Brown holding hands with her sister Millie in their later years.
I felt driven to be near my Mother the day I found out she had cancer but was unable to go to New York so I sat down to draw her and tried to imagine her reaction at hearing the news. The drawing that appeared on my board ("Mom on Monday") was an unintentional expression of the undeniable reality of her profound strength; a strength that I feel comes from her lifelong devout faith. This drawing became the impetus to formalize into a series the group of portraits beginning to accumulate in the studio and my hope is to understand better the spirituality of strong women. Although the motivation to make these drawings was completely personal, I'm finding that when people see the work they identify with it and begin to discern their place in a prayer filled (albeit troubled) world.
Selections from this series are in the current issue of: "Dappled Things: A Quarterly of Ideas, Art & Faith" v.9 issue 1 2014
My Mother's EarElizabethMom On MondayMother Mary LangeThe MotherThe PairBeverlyEdith SteinSt. Teresa Benedicta of the CrossSt. Elizabeth the New Martyr of RussiaSt. Therese of LisieuxGabby

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I am deeply moved by your drawings of women. I want to know who they are, when and where they were. Please add titles. Thanks
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