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Through the use of the materials and my attraction to the surfaces I see in front of me as I work, I form a window of sight for myself into a variety of experience both past and present. The traditional tools are a means of achieving this session of simultaneous working, breathing, and thinking. At best, the resulting images are contemporary in giving outer shape to the inner states of my life. The work process is one of search, lose, retrieve, and find. Like an insect's exoskeleton or like a fossil, the drawings, prints, and paintings are indicators of a lived experience that had a middle, a beginning and an end. Projects may be ongoing but each attempt within a series (that reaches completion) represents a singular occurrence and is able to stand alone. I understand object making as an artist in only this way.

I was schooled as a painter, draftsman and printmaker in the State University of New York system. I have shown my work in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. I have held Adjunct and Visiting Artist positions in Binghamton NY, Lock Haven PA and Wilkes-Barre PA . Currently, I live and maintain a studio in Baltimore Maryland. My work has been published in "Arc Poetry Magazine-Canada's National Poetry Magazine" (summer 2005) and "Dappled Things: a Quarterly of Ideas, Art & Faith" ( 2014 v.9 issue 1).
Patricia Brown

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